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What is a Column Chromatography / Column Isolation

Column Chromatography: Column Chromatography is suitable for the physical separation (or) Purification of a sample (Herbal extract / Synthetic compound / physical mixture). In Column Chromatography solvents acts as mobile phase and solid surface acts as stationary...

What is Differential Scanning Calorimetry – DSC

Differential Scanning Calorimetry, or DSC, is a thermal analysis / thermoanalytical technique that determines how a material's heat capacity (Cp) is changed by temperature. A sample of known mass is heated or cooled and the changes in its heat capacity are scanned as...

How to Choose Your M.Pharm Project

Whatever the project you select, thorough knowledge on it is required.  The basis for selection of project, significance of it, what is the novelty in it and so on… Everything is important.  So please be careful while selecting a project and ensure that you have...

What is XRD Analysis

X-ray diffraction (XRD Analysis) is a rapid analytical technique primarily used for phase identification of a crystalline material and can provide information on unit cell dimensions. X-ray diffraction is most widely used for the identification of unknown crystalline...

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