How to Choose Your M.Pharm Project

Whatever the project you select, thorough knowledge on it is required.  The basis for selection of project, significance of it, what is the novelty in it and so on… Everything is important.  So please be careful while selecting a project and ensure that you have thorough knowledge on it and necessarily should know the reasons for selecting that project.

Avoid Plagiarism

It is a common tendency to cut, copy, and paste in the introduction part from different sources of net or from a review or research article. This is plagiarism which is absolutely not acceptable and considered as crime in foreign countries. It is the stealing of one’s ideas and method of writing. It will not help in any way. There are many arguments on it. I would like to say only one thing regarding this issue. Avoiding plagiarism gives honor to the author and also helps in generating new ideas besides helping you in understanding the theory and concepts.

The work done should have novelity.

Which Drug To Be Selected:
It is very important that what makes you excited to work with. Many students already had a picture of kind of drugs they like to work on like anti-cancer drugs or some anti-viral or any other class. But, it should be consider that you should complete your project work in 1 year.

After completion with your selection of the drug you will going to take for your project work after discussion and approval with your guide you have to step forward toward the literature review of the drug you selected.

For any drug you had selected you should look forward for following points for your work-

  • Any significant pharmaceutical problem with the drug product related to its formulation, drug delivery and bio-availability.
  • Methods and types of dosage form which already exsits in the market.

Literature Review

Points you have to study and review for literature purpose:

  • One should have to study the history of the drug thoroughly.
  • Early and common problems related to exsisting dosage forms.
  • complete data base of drug available by any source like internet, libraries etc.
  • Complete physic chemical parameter of pure drug.
  • Study of complete drug profile from authenticated sources like pharmacopoeias, FDA online sites etc.
  • study of depth of the drug and its available formulations and problems related with that available problems.

The experimental study should be done qualitatively.

The results obtained should be with reliability and validity.

  • Introduction :
  • Literature Review :
  • Experimental work/Methodology :
  • Result/Conclusion Drawn :
  • Originality of work :
  • Scope for further research :
  • Reference Work

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